We have witnessed more and more attendees every year, gives us a great opportunity to build relation with various pharmaceuticals companies. Here there are excellent speakers providing insights on critical key challenges.

Alejandro Menchaca

McAdrews, Held & Mallboy Ltd.

I am very excited to be here today at Pharma IPR. The quality of session is very good. It’s a good collection of people. I can see myself coming next year again.

Anju Khanna

Lall & Sethi

This is my 4th time attending Pharma IPR. The quality of subject & organization has improved. I am very happy and satisfied.

Dr. Mohan Dewan

Principle, R.K. Dewan & Co.

My experience being in this conference is good. Got to meet new faces and interact and learn about the markets with greatest mind of Pharma IPR Industry. I would definitely recommend this conference.

Nevin Jacob Koshy

United Trademark & Patent Service

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